About Us

Welcome to Majesty Court where we always have a reason to praise God, where lives are being transformed and needs are met.

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Majesty Court was inaugurated on the 4th of Feb. 1996. The parish was known then as RCCG Wembley. We were sent out from our then Church in Angel with about 22 members made up of 8 men and 14 women. The Church is also an offshoot of a house fellowship based at Pastor Bioye ’s residence in Sudbury Town.

At this time Pastor was a choir Master in Angel, when the mantle fell on him to start a Church his initial reaction was that he was comfortable as a choir master, being a pastor was far from his mind. However, with complete assurance and belief in the word of God, that His gifts and calling are without repentance the Church was started. It is part of one of the biggest growing Churches in the world, The Redeemed Christian Church of God based in Nigeria (RCCG Nigeria).

The parish is based on the principle and foundation of love and this is evident in the way brethren in the parish relate to each other.




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